“Loves that give sadness, sick relationships that bring psychological damages”

This complaint, then ordinary though very important! It reveals people’s general difficulty in loving, and their profound willingness to engage in loving affairs that always “give in to nothing,” in relationships that always end when they seem to “have everything to succeed” and in affective and sexual involvements which wear out but, strange as it may seem, are often kept to exhaustion until marriage and the emergence of children, when the situation gets much worse. Complaints are as varied as possible given the extreme variability of the partners involved and the infinite number of situations in which relationships and involvements can occur. They range from unbridled and painful passion to almost inexperience to the inexplicable duration of a childhood courtship that has disastrously evolved into marriage, although it was always “on the face of it that it was not going to work.” Going from a love triangle to a conflicting homosexual relationship or on the other hand the maintenance of a conflicting heterosexual relationship and, simultaneously, a pleasant homosexual relationship. Anyway it’s a no-if-ending of possibilities! In almost all of these complaints, patients manifest some degree of difficulty in the sexual sphere, ranging from the loss of arousal to the total impossibility of consuming the sexual act (impotence in man and vaginismus in woman. they are usually kept hidden from doctors, friends, relatives and even, where possible, the partner or sexual partner as in the case of women who do not reach orgasm and pretend to live it, to “satisfy” the partner; Conflicting but compulsively held double relationships are also common complaints, with patients’ assertion that “they do not like this kind of situation but that a greater force or the accidents of life make them have these behaviors. According to these strands people are faced with these conflicting situations in relationships rather than being in a healthy relationship are often related to problematic people and difficult coexistence, and complicated relationships cause psychological damage to their partners and patients by shaking their emotional state, so that frustrations do not occur, we must choose our partners and partners better, then we can find a syntony between them the sides to be able to enter into a more healthy and lasting relationship in their experiences providing health and well being to the confident couple.


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