A phobia is a clinical term that is used to describe an irrational and persistent fear of certain objects, situations, activities or people. These fears are beyond its control and may interfere with daily activities.Phobia belongs to a large group of mental problems and in this group the most known problems are: anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder and stress.

There are many forms of phobia, and they can be a fear of something specific, such as flying or social fears that can cause in certain individuals feelings of anxiety in social situations. Other examples of this disease may involve the fear of small animals; closed spaces etc … it usually begins in childhood and persists into adulthood. Some of these conditions if left untreated can harm the development of a person.

Among the forms most common phobias can include:

* Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders;

* Ophidiophobia – snakes of fear;

* Acrophobia – Fear of heights;

* Agoraphobia – Fear of populated areas or open spaces;

* Cynophobia – dogs Fear;

* Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning;

* Belonofobia – Fear of injections or sharp objects;

* Mysophobia – Fear of germs or dirt.

The causes of phobias are not determined by experts, but studies suggest that the occurrence of these conditions may be a complex interaction of genes and environment. Some suggest that it is caused by a traumatic event, at first, like a bite of a dog; or getting stuck in an enclosed space; or being humiliated in public.Hypersensitive individuals may respond differently to the stress due to the unique chemical reaction in the brain. These people may also be sensitive to caffeine because this substance triggers certain chemical responses in the brain.We can identify as symptoms of phobia, the following: Tachycardia, sweating, paralysis, pallor, cold hands, dry mouth, trembling, nervousness, despair, fainting etc. Phobia is a fear – irrational – specific objects, situations or stressful activities. Panic attacks when close to the object, activity or situation; are factors that often difficult or unreliable activities, community or social life. The treatment of phobic may differ from one person to another. A phobia is one of the problems more treated mental health in the world. The majority of treated patients can live their normal lives.Individuals who have a certain phobia that is easy to avoid and does not affect your daily activities, do not need to seek professional help.

Ex .: The Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thorton, former husband of Angelina Jolie, is afraid of some types of cutlery and Komodo dragons.

There is a fear that impairs social life and it does not cause constraints. It is easy to avoid fear, just he did not travel to Komodo Island in Indonesia. However, when this condition interferes with the activities of a person or daily routine, mental health experts encourage the phobic person to undergo psychotherapy.Drug intervention, such as the use of antidepressants, tranquilizers and anxiolytics; You can also reduce fear and panic, effective and in many cases phobia. The use of these drugs need to be prescribed and monitored by a doctor, which is the only qualified and competent professional for a prescription drug. Indiscriminate use besides being crime is dangerous because patients may develop dependence or go to death.A relationship of interaction between health professionals, family and friends is essential in the treatment of phobias. In many types of phobias, some symptoms can be relieved by taking a healthy diet and including physical activity in your lifestyle. Eliminate caffeine, reduce alcohol, do regular exercise and reduce stress are essential to relieve the symptoms of certain phobias.Lead a healthy lifestyle and always seek professional guidance is the first step for the treatment and overcome the phobia.


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